Monday, March 8, 2010


Yup. Me. Ya me. I'm 19. Its my birthday, for 5 more minutes! Weird huh? Life is going faster than I thought possible and I have a feeling it will keep speeding up.

Things that have changed and happened since a year ago (yes i know. i make lots of lists, so sue me!)...

I don't live at home

I'm in college

I am in the ATP

I can belt a B

I'm slightly less uncoordinated

I have several new friends

I have kept some great friends

I have kissed a transvestite on stage ;)

I care about fashion-to an extent

I have a greater understanding of people

I have grown to be more comfortable in my own skin

I learned the Smith's in Salt Lake has two levels

I have become a less judgmental person

I have learned what it means to listen and not be selfish

I have come to know myself better

I have auditioned more times than I can count

I had a job

I fell in love with Regina Spektor's music

I had two boys sleep in my room (that is, if they really count haha love you both)

I have set off a fire alarm

I have fallen. and gotten back up.

I died saving loved ones (all in the safety of 110)

I became addicted to facebook

I have gone from Grace Fryer to Rocky Whore

Public transportation has become my friend

I have learned the importance of not pushing (emotionally) on stage

I have questioned life

I have failed. gloriously

I have found the need for balance in life

I have learned to breath

I have cried. laughed. loved. I have lived!


Bettridge Family said...

Happy 19!! Keep learning and experiencing! Love ya tons!

Kayleigh said...

I liked the failed. gloriously.


And wait until 20. Then you'll really freak out.

Also...when you do your posts, you can mess with the spacing at the top, where you change font and stuff. When I want to change the size of my text, I just write it all out in normal, and then highlight and change the size of the specific words/phrases that I want.

Hopefully that was as clear as mud for you. :) Happy birthday! (last Monday...kinda late)

noelle said...

What is it with us girls and setting fire alarms off?
high five

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