Sunday, June 6, 2010

Today's Realizations

Having the sabbath as a day of rest really is a blessing.

Everyone's life sucks in some way. And yet, there is something good to each life as well.

Tons of  people are going through stuff that I don't even know about. So, just a note to self, STOP WHINING.

I really want to be a hippy.

I seriously want to make acting my career. Not just a lofty idea, dream, or aspiration for fame.

It's a good thing fast food isn't my chosen career field.

Sometimes the world we are convinced of being reality whether it be a world of depression, grief, or exasperation is not the world as it is. Soon things will change and we will look back and say "wow, that was bad." Even though right now, it is bad.

Even when you are having your worst day ever, somewhere a baby is being born :)

There are several things about society that are seriously wrong ( in a disturbing way, not necessarily incorrect way).

I don't want to get fat. or old.

I may be subconsciously sabotaging myself.

I still don't really know who I am.

Music is...more than words can convey. And that's what makes it so beautiful.


Jaron said...

i love knowing whats going on in ana's crazy brain so much! ;) love you dearly!! ps the little code word i have to type to publish this post below is "nesty" ... ironic? :)