Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dear Self,

You love theatre. It makes you happy. The thought of experiencing theatre and immersing yourself in theatre is exciting. You have something original and completely unique to who you are. No one can take that away. No one can match that.

It hurts to think of being inadequate. Remember that heartbreak, because paired with the heartbreak of failure is the desire for success. It wouldn’t hurt so much to fail if the desire to succeed weren’t so great.

Don’t forget how you felt today. Don’t forget that when you thought about not being good enough—about theatre being an impossibility in your life—you nearly cried. Don’t forget the drive and passion you felt to have the best. Don’t forget that your reasons are noble.

You have vision and understanding that is individual to yourself. No one else sees things like you do, and that is a gift.

You don’t need to show people you are passionate. You don’t need to shove your personality onto others, they will see it. It is safe to “show” that personality. The scariest thing is to be completely and plainly yourself, vulnerable and susceptible to rejection. It is also the only way you will truly be able to succeed.

Know that no matter what, there will be hard times. But, through it all, you love theatre! Don’t forget it. And if you do, read this letter again.



Jaron said...

this made me cry a little. i love you :)

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