Monday, January 11, 2010

I am an actor. I commit...

to put myself on the line.

to be uncomfortable.

to react.

to rid myself of limitations.

to keep my mind and body clean.

to explore my emotions.

to be brilliant.

to be ok. with everything.

to work hard.

to be an artist.

to change humanity.

to observe.

to have empathy, and compassion.

to love.

to make decisions.

to be courageous.

to be scared.

to be vulnerable.

to be aware of how others and I feel and react.

to learn.

to open myself up, one notch at a time.

to accept rejection, and move on.

to be confident despite adversity.

to be absolutely insane. Relatively.

to be willing to play.

to be talented.

to not be judgmental.

to be self-disciplined.

to be curious.

to accept.

to be ok with mistakes. Actually, to embrace them and learn.

to be me. And love it.

I am a human being.